Questions about college in Korea

This applies to both North and South Korea, but I’m more concerned with South Korea

That is a list of Korean Universities. How much do they charge? Are they like the Us in the sense that the government pays for roughly 60% and the student pays the other 40%, or are the ratios different? In america you only get ‘in state’ tuition if you are a state resident, what is it like in Korea if the government pays a large part of education? Can you go anywhere in Korea and get subsidized education or do you have to be a resident of a certain part.

How long do their undergraduate degrees take. How long do the Masters and Doctorates take to complete.

Is there alot of competetion to get into college or little? Here in the US pretty much anyone who wants to go to a college can (if they can afford it) but in a country like India there is tons of competetion. Where does Korea fall on that scale?

60% from the government? My state government laughs in your general direction. Currently I am going to a state institution and the government pays 31%, the students pay 69%. I live in South Carolina but have no idea what other states are like.

That must suck. Its around 60% in Indiana. How much is your tuition then?

I hear in California its close to 90%.