Questions about DVR's

Several days ahead of time I selected a movie on Saturday night to record on my DVR (a Scientific Atlanta from Time Warner Cable, not a TiVo).

On Saturday I was checking through the program guide and I saw that the recording indicator wasn’t showing up on my movie. So I hit record again. This time the little “Rec” indicator was present.

Sunday I looked at the recorded programs. I had two copies of the movie.

The little question is why the movie wasn’t showing up as something to record even though it was entered properly into the system.

The big question is how the hard drive managed to record one signal on one channel twice separately.

While I’m at it, I might as well ask if there is any way to “bookmark” a recording. Say I record a two-hour program and then watch only one hour of it. The next time I want to watch I have to fast-forward through the whole first hour, which takes almost as long as watching it. Is there a way to get directly to the halfway point?

Is it possible there were two different showings of the movie? That’d be simplest explanation for the doubling.

I’m a relatively new DVR user myself. While it wouldn’t explain the Record symbol not being present, many digital cable DVRs come with two “tuners” that can record two different channels at once. (Or presumably the same channel, doubled) Are you aware if you have such a model?

TWC of NY definitely has the ability to record two programs at once (and as a bonus, you can watch a prerecorded program while doing so, but not a third live channel).

If the movies are recorded with the same time stamps, I would say it was a glitch. I’d check Candid’s suggestion first, though.

A bug.

Two tuners. Some DVRs have this feature; you didn’t say which model yours was. It simply means you can watch, or record, two programs at the same time. (You can watch them via Picture-in-picture, if your TV supports that.) It also allows you to watch one live channel while recording another.

Depends on your equipment. My Dish Network PVRs allow me to view or resume viewing a given recording, if I’d previously started but didn’t finish watching it.

Thanks for the responses. To clarify, I knew that my DVR could record two programs at once and therefore had two tuners. Why it should record the same program on both tuners when theoretically it had only been marked once - or how or why it could think I would want to make two recordings of the same show - was my question.

Another possibility is that it might have been recording the same program on two different channels. For example, normal HBO (TWC of NY) runs on channel 80, channel 201 and some channel in the 700s for HD. You may have been recording channels 80 and 201.

When you stop and save a program you are watching (by hitting the stop button and choosing {B} to save), you can pick up the program where it left off. Simply hitting Play when selecting the listing should start from the last save point, or if you hit select, it will give you the option of starting from the beginning or from where you left off. This does not work if you are recording and watching, but leave the movie in the middle. It’s tied to the Stop button.

I’ve had the same double record. D_odds summed it up, I set the record to one station and panicked when I saw the listing on it’s mirror channel and hit record again.

If you stop watching something in the middle and turn to the playback channel later it will pick up where you left off. But if you watch something else on playback in the meantime it will reset the first show to the beginning.

One neat thing I showed a friend is that you can Fastforward or Rewind at double and triple speed but hitting the button a few times.

I have a dual-tuner DVR from Comcast, and can press fast forward up to five times to increase the speed. I also added a thirty-second commercial skip feature to the DVR, which is also useful.

Is this one of the Motorola units? How did you add the commercial advance?

Yes, it’s a Motorola DVR and as for finding out how to do this, all I did was to do a websearch using Google on the phrase “hacking Comcast DVR.” The second result links to another page that tells you exactly how to do this. If you can’t find it, send me an e-mail and I’ll forward the instructions.

I’ll give these suggestions a try. Be great if they work.