Questions about flies

Hello everybody,

I’m wondering some things about the common fly - namely, why do they seem to prefer attempting landing on something live versus dead? Okay I’m actually talking about me, versus the trash bin I sit near, when I scrub things outside at work (at a kitchen). Why do the flies come and buzz around me, who will swat at them and not let them land, instead of just going to the dead food that will not swat them or mind their eggs being laid etc.?
Do I smell more interesting or something? Is it worth the trouble to them to bother live things?

Another thing, do they get tired? Sometimes when I’m walking I’ll encounter one or several, and they’ll fly along with me, sometimes even catching up to me after I break into a run for a bit to get away from them - and it just amazes me how long they’ll keep up with me.

Last one - when will we eradicate these goddamn creatures once and for all? :frowning:

Well, you’ve got me curious. Perhaps they’re attracted to your sweat or body heat? Maybe perfume or after shave? I’d like to know also.


The best thing that kills flies off is fly-mold. I don’t know what conditions bring it on, or if they can be duplicated, but it is seasonal, all over the world, and it kills 90% of all flies when conditions are ripe for it.

Hopefully never. They are a vital part in the food chain for many species. That and whatever we used to eradicate them would most likely have ill effects on us (like DDT did). Don’t get me wrong, I hate the little buggers too! :smiley: