Questions about High Def TV

I recently purchased a Mitsubishi big screen, HDTV. Some things I’ve been wondering about:

  1. Do all DVD players output in HD? Do I need special DVDs, or will “regular” DVDs display 1080i?

  2. My TV has a generic “format” button that changes the aspect ratio and zoom. For 480i resolutions, there are quite a number of formats, Standard, Expand, Zoom, Stretch, Stretch Plus, and Narrow. For 1080i, there are only two formats, Standard and Stretched. Most of the time, these formats do not fit the screen exactly right, or they distort the image. Can I buy a relatively inexpensive device that stretches the signal exactly how I want? (say I wanted something in between Standard and Expand)

  3. How come Fox has a HD channel, but never broadcasts anything on it?

No DVD player outputs in HD. They are all in 480i or p depending, now a days they are mostly progressive scan.

There is a Samsung DVD player that upconverts the signal. The player even has the DVI output, and it will give you a great picture, but it still isn’t true HD.

True HD for DVDs is coming (thanks to blue lasers), but for most consumers it is still probably 3-5 years away.

Fox does not have an HD channel. They have a digital channel, but they do not broadcast in HD.

They do run some things in Widescreen, or also Enchanced TV(whatever that is), but they do not broadcast anything in true HD.

Also, I see that you are in Austin as am I. If you want to come and check out the Samsung DVD player, I do have it hooked up to my HDTV, let me know and we could schedule something.

I’ve heard rumors that the national NFL game on Fox is going to be in true HD this year.


Well, your offer is tempting, but I’d rather just get your opinion on the player. Does the upconversion make a big, noticeable difference to you? Did you think it was worth the cost? Perhaps you could post a brief review?