Questions about my sodastream

I have some questions about sodastream i just baught one a few days ago.
1 I know you can add extra fizz to your soda the more you press the button but how many times can you press it before you start just wasting co2?

2 When I pour some into a cup a lot of the fizz is gone within 20 mins.

3 when I made soda and put it in the fridge it’s flat within the hour i know you have to use cold water the water i used water that has been in fridge for 24 hours so it’s cold.

4 i just want to clarify something when i make soda when i press the button i hear co2 is this normal?
Thanks for your answers

These are all in my experience, there may be factual answers that follow.
1: Two or three extra seems to be the max difference in co2 in your drink

2: This doesn’t happen but we rarely (ever) use cups we use reusable lidded bottles.

3: Clarification is needed here, if you make it and store it in a lidded bottles this shouldn’t happen and doesn’t happen for us. Though we do not make 2L bottles at a time we often make enough for the day. We do not use the soda flavors though so this could also be the difference.

4: Yes, it makes a distinctive noise every press.

Are you pleased with your Sodastream? I’m thinking about buying one. Is their diet cola comparable in flavor to Diet Coke?

IMHO territory but we love it, no longer use it for soda but everyone who has tried it in my family* has bought it for themselves. As for the diet cola it is probably closet to the original “Diet Coke” as any of the flavors from past experience as well as current drinkers of that flavor.

We still mix some up for get togethers and the flavor passes the test. I cannot let it go by without saying flavored water is awesome with the machine and not just the flavors they sell you for it :slight_smile:

*Not entirely true only those it that drank enough that it saved them money

Yes i like it and I would recommend it and you should buy it

Plus ça change, n’est-ce pas?

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Friends found that if you keep pressing 'til you’ve heard about 7 or 8 of the loud burps you can blow the bottom off the bottle. Not recommended.

We don’t flavor ours in the bottle. We either flavor it by the glass or drink it plain. When you add flavoring to the bottle it seems like it fizzes up a lot. Perhaps you’re losing a lot of fizz when you add the flavor?

Yes. The first 3 or 4 presses you’ll hear a whoosh sound. Then you’ll get a loud buzzy burp. Press enough times to get 3 buzzy burps.

I like ours quite a bit, but we never use the commercial flavor packets so I can’t speak to that. We mostly make fruit syrups and shrubs and mix those with the soda water by the glass. The machine saves us a lot of packaging waste and if I open a bottle in the fridge only to find that it’s gone flat, that’s no longer an issue.

A word to the wise, though: when the directions state in several places that you should only ever carbonate plain unflavored water, THEY MEAN IT. Don’t be a guy and try carbonating syruped water or tea or whatever. I mean, unless you happen to enjoy cleaning pop off everything in a 7-foot radius. In that case, please try this at the earliest opportunity.

I routinely carbonate liquids other than plain water. You can do it if you’re careful and patient, and let it settle down completely between shots of CO2 and before taking it off the machine. Sometimes I have to clean up a little spillover off the machine or the bottle, but it doesn’t spray all over the place. (Best to do it in the sink, though, especially when you first try it.)

I often do this with lemonade, but I’ve done it with water/syrup preparations, too. My next experiment is going to be carbonating my druncola with it. I may do that tomorrow.

We love ours. I’ve tried all the zero cal ones and like them all. A lime or lemon wedge is great, as is a few dashes of Angostura bitters.

We love ours, and two “burps” is perfect for our taste. We usually flavor it with Mio or generic equivalent “water enhancer” drops, or whatever they’re calling them now. I found one brand (Skinny Girl, I think?) that doesn’t even have artificial sweeteners, just sugar and Stevia (at 5 calories a serving, which I’m cool with.) Although I’m kind of wondering what might happen if I flavored it with some melted jelly…

Where the hell do you get new cartridges? My first one emptied with the week, and that was with just me using it. That can’t be right - I’d wait for a noise described in the directions, but I find it hard to believe you can only get about eight of those bottles per cartridge. I must’ve really screwed up something - any suggestions?

You exchange canisters at a target, bed bath & beyond, home depot… Bunch of other places.

Did your machine come with a full size canister or that weakdauce mini canister? A full size canister should be almost as tall as the unit.

A similar threadfrom last year.

My husband made a fake sodastream using an aquarium CO2 tank and, um, parts. OK, I don’t know what he did exactly, but you can probably google directions and save yourself some bucks.