Questions about pandas and lobsters

Do pandas dream? If so, what about?

Do lobsters really scream when boiled? What sort of noises do they make when they’re just living normally? (We’ll ignore the sound of their claws, please.)


Pandas dream of finding the perfect bamboo shoot. Well, that and tearing their keepers to shreds with their razor-sharp claws. (But they’ll never admit to the latter.)

Lobsters yelp, but do not scream, when boiled. In ordinary life, they get by in Sanskrit, though their voices are a bit on the tinny side.

THE FATAL FIVE are now free; thank you for playing. (Now where’s my giant green eyeball?)

God damn it. I thought this was going to be a thread about surf n’ turf.

Weren’t THE FATAL FIVE one of The Fantastic Four’s most terrifying enemies? The evillest part about them was that there was five of them, so when you had those big two-page spreads of everyone battling, they had an extra guy to sneak around back and bite the good guys on the ass.

Are the lobsters really vocalizing? Or is it somekind of squeaking of the body parts due to the heating…??

The reason I ask, is the same “type” of noise is made if you get a hot rock out of your campfire and place it in a cold stream or lake, it makes a sound very very similar to the Lobster being placed in boiling water.

That’s because rocks, when super-heated, actually develop the ability to scream. Something to do with tectonic plates, I believe.

The Fatal Five? I know the Fearsome Five fought Darkwing Duck, but they seem irrelevant here. (Bonus points if you can name them!)

Lobsters pray when placed in the pot: Our Father, who art in air, drawn be thy butter, thy lemon come. Give us this day our daily mollusks, and forgive us our pinches as we forgive our pinchers. For thine is the bisque and the scampi forever and ever, Amen. Atheist lobsters just say, Aw, shit.

Dreaming isn’t considered cute by five-year-olds, so, no, pandas don’t.

I think Unca’ Cecil tackled this one already. The “scream” is in fact expanding steam escaping fron the lobsters shell (which kinda’ spoils the meal for a neanderthol like myself).

As for pandas, who knows of what they deam, but I suspect it’s in black and white.

Pandas and lobsters…Just try to find a restaurant that serves that surf and turf anymore.

The Fatal Five are five BBC Dr. Who books which London Bridge stupidly forgot to list as being in print, therefore no US bookstore could order them. What noise do lobsters make when they are NOT being boiled?

A super-villain team that fought the Legion of Super-Heroes.

A roster listing is available Right Here. Sorry, no pandas or lobsters.

Mixed? As in a stew?

Or is this a genetic engineering thread?

Now, that is just SILLY.

They would have had a CHANCE against the Fantastic Four. There are FIVE of them, for chrissakes. What was the matter, their agent couldn’t get them into Marvel Comics and they had to settle for DC? The Legion of Superheroes? There are HOW many of them? Thirty-eight or something like that? Five against that many, pretty lousy odds. And then there’s Matter-Eater Lad. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to find myself up against Matter-Eater Lad in a fight to the finish. Oh, wait, I forgot Triplicate Girl, so I suppose I should say that there are forty of them. But only if you count the dead Triplicate Girl, because when one of her died she became just Duo Damsel. So if one more of her gets killed somewhere, do they have to boot her out of the Legion?

Do lobsters dream?

What sound do pandas make when dropped into boiling water?

Uke: the Legion is really strict; you get kicked out if you lose your powers or get married.

(pause for obvious joke)

Bouncing Boy got kicked out more times than I could count, for marriages and for mysteriously losing his power. (And I know that, if I were Bouncing Boy, I’d be trying night and day to lose that lame power.)

But the Fatal Five are some pretty hard hitters: there’s the girl with the all-powerful flying eyeball, the guy with the hole in his hand that kills everything it touches, the guy with the axe that can cut molecules…man! I miss the '60s.

> What sound do pandas make when dropped into boiling water?

They sound a lot like Yoko Ono.

Hey! Don’t insult pandas like that! :wink:

Since this thread has completely deteriorated beyond hope, can I just ask everyone who their favorite pandas are?

Me? It’d have to be Sexual Harassment Panda.