Questions about prepaid debit cards

A new thing available recently (at least to my observation) has been over the counter, prepaid debit cards - you can get them wherever, walmart, walgreens, etc.

I’m thinking of using them rather than a bank account, but I have a requirement that I’m not sure if they meet.

I need to transfer money to some services that, for fraud prevention reasons, require that the name on my account match the name on the credit card. Do prepaid credit cards have a name and billing info associated with them? Do you fill out a form, or something, which gets entered into a computer at the time of purchase?

Or are they effectively blank as far as name/billing address goes? If it’s the latter, I don’t think I can use it for what I need it to. Figured someone else might know.

Is there any downside to using these (aside from the fees, of course) compared to a normal bank debit card?

I don’t know anything about cards you can buy at the drug store, but based on reviewing a number of the offers here (WARNING: commercial link) it looks like yes, your name will appear on cards obtained via one of these offers and the company will track your billing information.

You’ve had a couple of threads recently about your banking woes. I’m wondering if you’ve checked with local credit unions? They offer all the same services as banks but oftentimes are more willing to work with you than a big banking conglomerate because the credit unions are usually local and member-owned.

That’s an idea I haven’t really considered.

However, prepaid debit cards, if they work adequately, pretty much cover everything I tend to use banks for anyway.

I may end up getting a debit card with an online money transfer service (I’d imagine you know the one) and just keep most of my money floating there.

I’m not sure if this will tell you, I haven’t researched it. My husband just started a new job and you have the option of direct deposit into a bank account or something called Chex cards.

Here is a link:(warning stupid pdf)

A quick skim sounds like it might meet your needs.