Questions about SDMB polling function

If one individual user views the same poll 3 times, does that count as 3 views or one view under the “views” tally?

Will a poll stay on the first page of IMHO as long as users are still continuing to view the poll and vote, even if no one is posting comments to the poll’s thread?

I’m asking these questions in part because I am trying to figure out why the number of views for a given poll tends to be so much larger (5x or more) than the number of votes in that poll, even when it’s a private poll.

I really like the polling feature, by the way.

I just tested this with the one I did here in ATMB. 79 views before I opened it, and 79 after I opened it twice more. So views must be unique viewers.

(Now, I’m not sure how that’s handled. It could be that if I clear my cache and log back in, the views will increment. I’ll test that shortly and report back to you. That would happen if they’re relying on cookies to count. But if it’s internal to the database, then it would likely log me as a visitor, and even blowing away the cookie would make no difference.)

Vote in my poll without posting, and see whether it comes to the top or stays where it is.

A lot of people might open the thread and decide they don’t even care to vote. That would still be a “view”.

Me too. :slight_smile:

Okay. With cookies cleared, there are still 79 views despite that I’ve been in and out of it repeatedly. So this conclusion is inductive, deductive, so take it with a grain of salt. But it appears that it is unique views only.

“So this conclusion is inductive, deductive” should be “So this conclusion is inductive, and not deductive”… Sorry 'bout that.

I’m not sure views are updated in real time, however. Some threads have truly prodigious view counts, such as If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?, which has 482,771 views. I know it was popular, but I still don’t think each view represents a unique viewer.

That was linked to by outside boards and blogs and had an amazing amount of traffic by non-members. Anonymous users are probably counted as unique, driven by a cookie I assume. I think it’s still unique users, that thread is no exception.

OK, how about this one: The horror of blimps, with 485,677 views. That’s a lot of lurkers.

I just voted in your thread without posting. It’s now showing 82 views.

Unfortunately, it’s been a little while since your post here, so it’s possible that other users visited your poll in the interim. I’m guessing, though, that you were counted three times, and that there’s a delay before the “views” field is updated. I’ll test this issue again in another old thread.

Also, your thread hasn’t come onto the first page in ATMB (so far).

A separate question/request: Is it possible to enable an option to create polls that allows users to vote for multiple options but nonetheless set an upper limit on the number of options that can be voted for? As it is, you can only set it to either one selection per user or as many selections as the user wants. I’d like the ability to create a poll that lets users vote for, say, up to three options, but no more.


Never underestimate the power of a link on a popular board or blog. Do a websearch for “The Horror of Blimps” - it’s linked to all over the web.

Okay. You may well be right, then. Inductive reasoning is not to be relied upon for anything other than forming axioms. It cannot prove anything.

Thanks for your following up. :slight_smile:

That’s a really good idea. I hope an admin will respond to you.