Questions About Two Audio/Music Effects (Both in Regina Spektor Songs)

At the halfway point or so of “Après Moi” there is a sort of little woodblocky-sounding riff after the “Be afraid of the…” lines. What is this supposed to recall? It feels very familiar, like a pastiche of some specific old style that I can’t remember.

Also, in “Fidelity”, at the very end of the verses when she’s singing “…all of this music, and it breaks my heart…”, there’s this really beautiful slow, swoopy riff that’s kind of subtle. Its tone is almost like a mic feedback sound channeled into a melody but much less shrill. Is this just some sort of woodwind or something more esoteric?

It does sound familiar but I think it’s just the melody of the song. Are you asking if it’s a reference to some other tune? The instrument… if I had to guess I’d say a “glockenspiel in the other room” :slight_smile:

If I’m hearing the thing you’re referring to, I think that’s some sort of a brush percussion thing.