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pulehoopo, perhaps so no one in the crowd would throw objects at him to disrupt his playing? I dunno. That sounds kinda wierd.

How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?*

  • This question was first raised by Calvin in a Calvin and Hobbes strip, so all credit for cleverness goes to Bill Watterson.

Mr zoogirl once played at a place that actually had chickenwire in front of the stage. I didn’t go.

Why do they make shirts for babies and small children that have neck openings disproportiantly smaller than the body? It used to drive me nuts to have to discard a perfectly good shirt that fit the kid, just because I couldn’t get it over his head!

pulehoopo - I’m almost certain that’s for acoustic purposes, for the mics and such, to keep the sound waves in so you can actually hear the drums the way they want you to on the recording. I’m assuming it was talk show-like tv show, like Leno or something where the band was a musical guest, and not just a tape of a normal concert? If so, then yes, I’m almost sure that the plastic thingy is a sound shield, for acoustics. If it was for protection, then it would be around the whole band, like zoogirl mentioned, some places have chicken wire around the whole stage, to protect the performers.

And Wicked Blue, I just have to say that your birdie is adorable! Gorgeous colors, and he looks so… cuddly or something.

What’s that white stuff on grapes? You know, the pale crud that just won’t rinse off, so you either have to scrub away at it or just put up with it… and is it toxic or anything?

The pale stuff on grapes is yeast. I almost said mold but decided not to for aesthetic reasons. It is a specialized yeast and you can, in fact, use it to make wine from those grapes. Although wineries do not rely on using it (them - different grapes in different areas host slightly different yeast), but use commercially grown yeast strains instead. There is no harm in eating it.

1)I like the black jelly beans.

  1. Antares is right - the plastic thing is used to balance the acoustics - its hard to balance a band properly in an enclosed space like a sound studio, so that the band, live audience, and TV audience (via mics) hear a good mix. The drums tend to be very loud and pop out above the other stuff. The plastic thingy is called a gobo and helps to solve this problem.

Why would anyone “keep” a bird?

Sorry, but you might as well cut off the legs of a greyhound.

That gives me an idea… :eek:

“What were toothbrushes made of before plastic?”

In the 1400’s the Chinese introduced the first toothbrush which had bristles made of wild boar hair affixed to a bamboo or bone handle. These were introduced to Europeans in the 1600’s.

Toothbrushes were not mass produced until 1885 and this probably coincided with the development of new materials such as ebonite, celluloid, and bakelite which were predecessors to modern plastics.

Nylon was first used in toothbrushes in 1938, it was actually one of the first products to benefit from this revolutionary new material.

‘It’s like a furry, friendly throwpillow!’ Not sure where that comes from, but I think Catalyst has something to do with it.
My Question: (ultimately mundane, girly and lame) - I’m wearing a tiara to my "Last Hurrah, " i.e. High School Prom, but don’t want to wear my hair completely up. I want to pull the top up but let the back hang down loose. Haven’t had much luck finding pictures to show my stylist. Anyone have any pictures or helpful sites?

Wicked Blue, your Sun Conure is so adorable! I used to have one a couple years back. He was such a sweetheart. I had to give him up though, because he was so loud. I gave him to my friend that lives across the street and a few houses down, and sometimes I can hear him screaming when I’m outside.

Apparently, lots of people actually like the black jellybeans, although I am not one of them.

I’m not sure what a year would be before there was an earth or a sun. If we found a date & celebrated it, I’m sure we would send people cards & maybe buy each other presents. We might get a day off from work/school, although that would probably be on the nearest Monday to that date.
My Question: Why is pizza so different in different places? In Chicago, for instance, stuffed pizza is the big thing (the pizza’s about an inch thick, with crust on the bottom, cheese & dough & ‘toppings’ in the middle, and tomato sauce on top). It’s really good, but they don’t have it anywhere else (with very few exceptions). Why not? It’s not like the ingredients are only available in Chicago. Outside of the US, there are places that have food that they call pizza that look like pizza, but do not taste like pizza. Why all this variation in something that seems so easy to copy?

Last year Pizza Hut came out with the Chicago pizza. Dough on bottom, cheese and toppings and more cheese on top, sauce on top. It was sort of a hit. Some people LOOOOOVED it. Some people thought it was revolting.
Papa Murphys has the Stuffed Chicago Pizza. Dough on bottom, cheese and topping in middle, another layer of dough with sauce and cheese on top with garnishes.

  1. Why don’t they market Stroganoff Rice-A Roni in the Mid-Atlantic states?

  2. Where does the “iceberg” come from in iceberg lettuce?

  3. What’s the connection between Peter Pan & Peanut Butter?

Why do people have cats? Dogs? Goldfish?

I keep a bird because I like them, quite simply.

I did not buy him on impulse, nor did I buy him without doing my research on his particular needs. I did get him as a hand-raised baby from a local breeder. He was fed by his parents until he was old enough to feed himself, and was not forcefully weaned.

The door to his cage is closed at night, when no one is home or when I’m doing something that could harm him, such as cooking or cleaning. There is usually someone home during the day to keep him company, and he’s alone very infrequently. His wings were clipped when I got him, but since then they’ve grown back. I plan to keep him unclipped.

I do not treat him like a goldfish in a bowl, but more like a member of my family.

If I didn’t think he was happy with us, or if I thought he was pining for avian company, I’d go out and find him a companion.

There is nothing wrong with having a bird as a pet as long as you know how to take care of them.

Thanks for answering the OP, Latch . That’s what I kinda figured. :slight_smile:

Because the lettuce is pale in colour, compared to other varieties, not to mention very crisp. At least that’s what I figured.

Why would there be aconnection between Peter Pan & Peanut Butter?

Why do people keep calling those red ropes of plasticky chewy strawberry flavoured stuff “licorice?”