Questions not important enough for their own threads

Have you ever had a question you’d like to ask, but didn’t start a thread about because you felt it didn’t really deserve one?

I have one, and now I will post it. If you have one, please feel free to post it too. :slight_smile:

So… recently I was in the market for a pet bird. I’d always loved parrots and I was researching what type of bird would be a good match for me. (I decided on a sun conure. He’s wonderful. :slight_smile: Mango! )

Anyway, I realized many of the birds that are popular pets here in the US are native to Australia (parakeets, cockateils, cockatoos, lories, etc.). That lead me to wonder what kind of birds people in Australia keep as pets. Wouldn’t it be weird to have a pet budgie inside the house and a flock of budgies outside? I mean, people in NYC don’t keep pet pigeons. At least, I don’t know of any who do. I know I’ve never seen one for sale as a pet. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any “wild” bird (crow, blue jay, sparrow, etc.) for sale in a pet shop.

So, what do they sell in a pet store in Australia?

I hope you get an answer to this…as you have made me curious as well.

Why is it that when I look in the store for ice cream, every conceivable flavor is there except for Spumoni?

Because you’re in the auto parts store. The Safeway across the street from me has spumoni in at least one, maybe two brands.

You can get really good Spumoni at L&B Gardens on 86th St. in Brooklyn. I’ve never seen it in a supermarket.
Since you live in California, I’m assuming you’re not willing to travel cross-country for ice cream.

Re: the OP: Don’t some people in New York keep pigeons – racing pigeons? – on their rooftops? I’m thinking the playwright in “the Producers” and Bobby in “NYPD Blue.”

(This doesn’t make me any less curious about the answer to your question.)

Why haven’t they figured out a way to make the controls on a dashboard out of something with the same life expectancy as the car itself?

Any vehicle I have ever been in which is more than a few years old has had at least one button, knob or lever has either snapped off or become non-functional.

Can you have a bird neutered/spayed? I started out about a year ago with 2 zebra finches, now I have 8! I keep taking eggs out of the nests, but the females seem to go into overdrive and some days I’l find 7 or 8 eggs in one nest! Will the females keep laying eggs even if there isn’t a male around?

:smack: <== What I’d like to do to my step-daughter for giving me the first 2!

Why don’t they make panty hose for people with short legs?

If you give a dirty bomb to a member of the Baath party, does that mean it gets clean?

Wicked, I think Australian would keep the same bird as pets… even if they have the “real” wild ones… They are just prettier!! Just my opinion!
Your bird is beautiful, congrats!

If you concoct an elaborate plot to murder someone, and enact your evil plan only to find out, once you get a good look at the guy you just killed, that you killed the wrong person, can you still be put away for 1st Degree Murder?

I mean yes, it was premeditated in a way, but since you screwed up and actually killed a person you didn’t plan to kill (hell, maybe you don’t even know him), does that still count?

Ooh, that’s a hell of a technicality.

Let us know if that works for you…


If the whole universe began with a punctual event - the Big Bang - does that mean that theoretically, it would be possible to discover what day of the year it took place on? And how would we celebrate it?

Ah-ha…I thought something was strange when I was looking for frozen foods and all I could find was motor oil…

Thanks for the tip; will investigate promptly.

What were toothbrushes made of before plastic?

Does anyone actually like the black jellybeans?

Speaking of Australia, why does Australia have politicians with names like “Joh Bjelke-Petersen” and “Natasha Stott-Despoja”? Is it something in the water?

before the plastic toothbrush, earlier in human history, people used to use this small tube/cylinder wood (i don’t remember what type of tree though) and they peeled the tip to make it look like a string-cheez hair, or like your hair after being through the house of horror (where u walk, not ride a cart), very fine. They used it with water(no toothpaste)

Down here we keep American birds as pets. I have a lovely Robin sitting in a cage in my lounge room.

Seriously, people keep pet budgies and stuff down here. Pretty similar to the States, in my opinion.

It is really cool to look outside and see a large flock of such cool coloured birds just sitting outside picking at the grass or sitting on a tree. Apparently around here (like, around the bushes here) we have some type of parakeet or cockatoo or something rare that hangs out here. I saw it a couple years ago… don’t remember what it looks like now. People have seen it since then.

As for the names of politicians, I don’t see what you’re talking about.

-Latch Richens-Jovanovic :smiley:

I saw a drummer of a band (No Doubt, I think) play behind a clear plastic wall on a TV show. Why was that?