Questions that are always correct

Got this idea from games where you have to answer questions wrongly. Which questions are always answered correctly? I can only think of negatives of questions which have no answer, like “what is NOT the answer to world peace?”. Are there more creative questions out there?

Oh and “what is your answer?”

Excluding lying*, ‘Are you alive?’ can only be answered correctly.

*And vampires.

Oh, and ‘Not this sentence.’ would be a wrong answer to ‘What is your answer?’, wouldn’t it?

Are you talking/writing right now? Depending on medium. You can say no, but you’re still actually answering yes.

The most common one I’ve heard used is “Are you awake?”

“Can you hear me asking this question?”

So shouldn’t the thread title be “Answers that are always correct”?

“No.” said the deaf lip reader.

“Are you alive?”, “can you hear me?”, etc. can all be answered incorrectly, so they don’t work.

Perhaps a Smullyan-esque self-referential question would work, like “Given that any answer other than ‘yes’ will be taken to mean ‘no’, is your answer to this question ‘yes’?”

Not a question, but the statement “Here I am” is always correct by definition.

Unless you’re trying to trick someone using a microphone and speakers far from your actual location.

“Are you alive?”
“Yonda lies the palace of my faddah.”

Or, to be explicit about it, what’s the truth value of irrelevancies?