Quetion for MDs or DVMs: What was up with my dog (poss. VERY TMI)

(If TMI mean, as I think it does, something that could be disturbing or gross for some…sensitive readers should come nae further because death awaits them all with nasty pointy teeth).

But if you don’t mind

read on.

Years ago my dog had a severe stroke, and had to be put down. We found (and this is the TMI part) that one eye was infested with maggots–while he was still alive! How does something like that happen?

Was the dog facially paralyzed? If so, maybe he did not blink, or otherwise flush out the eye, making it very easy for a fly to lay her eggs there.

I think poor old George must have been paralyzed on one side. He could still walk, but always walked in counterclockwise circles. My dad (who’s an MD) said that’s a sign of stroke. But it was a hard time for all of us, so I didn’t go into the physiology of it with with him, or the vet.

I’ve seen lots of live animals come into the animal shelter with maggots infesting some part of them. Most recently someone brought in a kitten with maggots in it’s anus. I’ve seen maggot in bullet wounds on dogs a couple of times.