Quetsions about the movie "Haute Tension" (open spoilers)

Ok, so I saw the French slasher flick, Haute Tension on DVD last night. Most of the movie was fairly engrossing and effective, as far as this kind of movie goes. It had a creepy killer, a good amount of gore and some genuinely tense scenes of the girl hiding from the killer.

Then we get the WTF twist, and while I think the twist, in itself, could have worked, I think the execution was baffling because it doesn’t seem to possible to reconcile it with some of what we’ve seen.

Specifically, was there really a truck or wasn’t there? If the truck was real, then where did it come from? Who was driving the truck while Marie was in the back wuth Alex?

Did Marie really steal a car from the gas station? Was there really a chase?

What was going on with the gun and the bullets? Did Marie have a gun, or did she have bulets or did she have both?

Finally, if the truck driver wasn’t real, then what was going on in the decapitated head/blow job scene? Was that supposed to be happening only in Marie’s mind?

There were a bunch of pictures of previous victims in the truck driver’s truck. Was this supposed to indicate that Marie had actually killed other people or was it just her imagination?

Have the filmmakers ever tried to explain how everything ties together? has anyone else? Surely a plot hole literally as big as a truck could not have gone unnoticed by the film makers, could it?
Or could it?

The execution of the plot twist was done horribly, I’ll agree. It doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to make any sense (it is french of course :wink: ) There are a lot of things that seem like they would be mutually exclusive, such as the car theft. It seems that we’re supposed to view everything that happens between Marie being alone in the upstairs bedroom and the end as being the delusions of an insane person or perhaps a split personality or both. Throw in a liberal amount of suspension of disbelief and I think you’ve got it. Personally, I’d like that 2 hours of my life back.