quick and dirty way to addup polls for lower MOE?

Is there a quick and dirty way to addup some recent polls to get a better estimate? For instance, go to http://www.uselectionatlas.org and click on Iowa. Assuming the polls ask the same question (or tap the same thing they measure), use the same universe of likely voters and that you don’t think there’s a real change in opinion over time, big assumption but if you have a few polls within a week it might be somewhat safe, is there a way to add up three polls and use the MOE information given to create one pooled poll? :dubious:

If not from this information, what would you need to make it work? Thanks.

Oh, somewhat related additional question: what does one make of the Nader showing in polls where he is getting less than the size of the margin of error? Do you just go from 0 to his poll plus the MOE to see how high his support could be? Seems like that’s not right.