Quick and stupid question RE:Applebee's Restaurants. What are "riblets?"

My wife, kids, and I were out last night and wanted a “non-fast-food” bite to eat. Applebee’s was nearby so we stopped there. I got the “riblets” and my wife asked me, what part of the pig is “riblets?” Me, having no clue, turn to my fellow dopers for an answer. There’s no information, not even a pic, on their website.

Thanks in advance, DESK

I’ve often wondered this myself. No clue, but I found them damn tasty when I was a youngster.

Could’ve sworn riblets were just deboned rib meat, cut to size :shrug:

They’re not deboned. I don’t know what part of the pig they are, but they are damned tasty.

They’re actually about 90% bone. Damn tasty, but a bitch to eat. The bones are pretty flat, about 1 inch by 3/4 of an inch, with the meat mainly on one side, if that’s any help.

Peace - DESK

I used to work there, so I remember them vividly. From they way I understood it, they are regular ribs, just cut in a different way than you normally would. Rather than tearing them apart where the meat is and eating off the bone, you are chopping through the bone, therby getting a cross-section of bone with the meat around it. Hence, riblets.
Nasty, IME. But popular.

They’re rib tips, known and loved in African American households and restaurants for centuries, and just now being marketed to us white folks.

When trimming ribs prior to cooking, a saw cuts off the tip of each one, leaving a pretty rack of ribs in one bin, and a bunch of uneven bits and pieces in another. The whole racks were cooked for the white folks, while the tips went back home with their black slaves.

Fast forward a hundred and fifty years, and now we’re raising the demand and price of what’s always been a cheap version of ribs: rib tips.