Quick answer needed: Airport x-ray machines and USB drives

Hey folks, I’ve got a question.
I’m flying this afternoon, and I need to take my USB drive (the little thing that fits on my keychain) with me.
Is it likely that the x-ray machines will damage it? I’ve saved the docs I need both there and in a location that I can access online, so it’s not as if it would be a huge crisis, but it would be annoying.

I think you should have no problem as I have done so myself and the key worked fine at the other side.

Sony, in regard to their keys,


(I did just stick another copy in a seperate online location while I was waiting, just because I’m paranoid!)

Doesn’t your keychain go in a little tray that just gets visually inspected and passed around the X-ray machine?

Since 11 September all personal items that I’ve carried have been put in the tray and then scanned by the x-ray machine. before that they were just placed in the tray and passed along side the x-ray machine.