Quick computer & PDA question (hotsync & activesync)

I have a win xp computer, and currently use a Win ce PDA via a USB to serial converter uses active sync to link up with MS Outlook (PDA uses a serial port, my computer doesn’t have one, that’s the reason for the USB>Serial converter).

Now I have a palm which syncs via USB to MS Outlook via hotsync.

Do I have to uninstall active sync for hotsync to work, or can these 2 PDA’s get along in love, peace and harmony?

You do not need to uninstall one for the other to work. ActiveSync does not clash with HotSync.

I will confirm this, I’ve been using a cheap dell axim X5, (activesync,) and various different palmOs handhelds, (m125, tunsgten W, alphasmart dana, tungsten C) on the same computers for years now. Never had much of a problem that way.