QUICK--do I need special postage to send a letter via air mail (USA-Germany)?

Per the usps.gov site, airmailing a letter to Germany should only cost $0.80. But can I use ordinary domestic stamps (i.e., just slap three first-class stamps onto the letter and write “AIR MAIL/LUFTPOST/PAR AVION” on it)? Or do I need to go to the post office and buy special Air Mail stamps?

3 stamps will more than cover it and are allowed.

Was it really necessary to ask that question here? I mean, don’t the post offices down on Toadspittle Hill have telephones?

Zeus, man, try helping yourself instead of polluting the board with such no-brainer questions.

thanks! Dropping it off now…

It has been my experience that when there’s a price hike in stamps, quite often the first stamps under the new price are domestic (to be mailed in the US only), and one must purchase stamps which are clearly marked with the new price in order to mail internationally.


I’ve mailed things overseas for years, and always just used regular domestic stamps. So now your queston makes me wonder:

Are there such things as Airmail stamps? I never even thought that there were a separate class of stamps for international postage. Is this true?

I’m pretty sure there are airmail stamps, but it’s not necessary to use them for airmail. The benefit of using them would be that they come in the appropriate monetary denomination.

As far as international mail, my understanding is that there is international agreement to accept and deliver mail that has proper postage from the country of origin.

That used to be the rule, but at the last price hike, the PO let me mail things overseas using the letter-denomination stamp. Everything arrived OK. There must have been a change in International rules.

And nowadays, nearly all mail overseas is sent airmail.