Quick Excel Comments questions

Hi, I’m keeping track of a large online movie tournament in Excel, a program I’m not all that familiar with. I keep information that’s important but would be intrusive in Comments, but I’m finding that that comes with its own problems.

First, I’ll get a Comment all set, then when I go back to it later, and click on “Edit Comment” or “Show Comment” it’ll show up elsewhere on the worksheet instead of right next to the place it belongs. There’s a straight line from that cell to the comment, and often it’s very long. I have to physically move it back to the cell where it belongs, but it moves again the next time I go to it. That’s happened to all my Comments on one sheet. It’s very annoying and time consuming to deal with, and I have no idea what I did to make that happen in the first place. I didn’t move a Comment that would have affected the others. Is there any way to “freeze” the comments so they don’t go jumping around?

I aso want to freeze the size of the Comment, because the Comment box will change, sometimes to a thin sliver, for no reason at all.

The other thing I haven’t figured out is the Sort. I couldn’t find a way to sort by Comment, so I could see at a glance which cells have Comments and which don’t.

Oh and, Search, trying to search for a specific phrase when I can’t remember which cell I put it in. Is that possible?

Any suggestions? I appreciate your thoughts.

This may or may not apply globally. For your sake, I hope it does, or at least with all new comments.

  1. Go to Edit Comment.
  2. Right click on frame of comment and choose Format Comment.
  3. Go to the Properties tab.
  4. Choose Don’t Move or Size with Cells.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Thank you, but hmmm. I went to a cell with a comment, right clicked, and the comment, as expected, jumped several columns to the right. I positioned the cursor on the comment so that when I right clicked the Format Comment option was visible, clicked that, got the multi-tabbed box, clicked Properties, and found that the Don’t Move or Size with Cells radio button was already selected.

I feel like a first-grader (as indeed I am wrt Excel knowledge), but what do these things mean? Move and size with cells, Move but don’t size with cells, Don’t move or size with cells? I feel they should be (are) obvious, but I’m not getting it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer.

Note to self: Preview preview preview.