Quick! Go out and look at the Moon!

I just stepped outside for some fresh air and I looked at the moon. Wow, I’ve never seen this before. It looked like I was seeing two full moons with one of them looking bluish and transparent half superimposed on the other resulting in the appearance of an oblong moon.

What the hell was that?

No idea, its 1038 AM here and the sky’s overcast.

Would Badastronomy.com have anything to say on the matter?

Was there anything at all between your eyes and the moon? Glasses, window, etc. What were the atmospheric conditions at the time?

If you live on the Atlantic coast of the US or in the Carribbean, it could be caused by the gigantic sand storm making it’s way over from Africa.

Bolding mine, just because I find the concept freaky.

Perhaps what you were seeing was a similar effect common to the sun when partly obscured by clouds. The clouds can cause a double image sometimes called a “mock sun”. Never heard of it happening with the moon, but I guess it can be so!

My $0.02 Factual WAG…

  • Jinx

Yeah, we know about this, the projector was malfunctioning.

Sorry folks, it won’t happen again.

Hey…you guys are all cleared for Above Top Secret, right?

They’re called “paraselenes” or “moon dogs”, and they certainly do occur. But they don’t look at all like the OP’s description:


The Moon’s not even full right now… wait… are you stuck in a time stream? Cuz time streams will do that sometimes.

It was full on the 21st, so it’s still pretty sizey. As low as it rides in the sky during summer, you can get some odd colors and distortions..

Here’s a Double Sunset over the Atacama Desert in Chile. Although I’ve never seen the phenomena, the moon is subject to the same atmospheric distortions when it gets near the horizon.