quick hijackthis question.

I just downloaded hijackthis V1.99.1, and something new is showing up:
“020- Winlogon Notify:Navlogon- C:\WINNT\system32\Navlogon.dll”

Neither Giant nor Spybot are picking anything up, but Norton keeps quarentining a homepage hijacker.

I am pretty savvy about Hijackthis, but this is new to me. Safe? Bad? :confused:

I did what I normally do when I run across files w/Hijack this I’m not sure about, I did a google search. ‘Navlogon.dll’ shows up pretty commonly in Hijack this threads, unfortunately there seem to be differeing opinions on what it is/does. Some people recommend to delete it, others indicate it is part of Norton security software. Then you have a third group that says it appears to be part of Norton, but is actually malware. Do you use Norton? My interest is piqued, I’m digging alittle more.

…um, no need to answer that…