quick hockey question

Being a big hockey fan, but never having played, there is something Ive always wondered about. What would happen if a player did a quick stop in front of the crease in an attempt to blind the goalie with snow, right as a teammate was shooting. Is that interference or some other penalty. I’ve never seen it tried in a real game or even mentioned. thanks

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I believe that as long as your not in the crease and you don’t touch the goalie, you can stand in front of the goalie to screen him all you want.

Of course, the other team’s defenseman will most likely beat the crap out of you if you do it for any extended period of time.

Setting screens is one of the ways goals are scored.

…not only that, but when the action is getting fast and furious in front the goalie, the players don’t have enough speed/momentum to create a shower of snow. I have seen players trying to catch up with the puck on a break-away opportunity, only to have the goalie smother it first and get a snowjob from the breakaway-that could have been. And, of course, a tussle ensued…

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My brother, who is a USA Hockey-Certified Level II referee tells me if it’s done intentionally (eg a forward barrels towards the goalie with the sole intention of spraying shavings at him), he would call unsportsmanlike conduct (generally a two minute penalty).

To quote Rule 601a of the USA Hockey Official Rules of Hockey:

“Any player who challenges or disputes the rulings of any Official or endeavors to incite an opponent (including taunting) or create a disturbance during the game shall be assesesd a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct…”

This offense is sort of a grey-area penalty that falls under “creating a disturbance” or “incit[ing] an opponent”.

In fact, back when my brother played hockey, it was called against his team in a tournament once.