Quick! Information needed on paying freeway tolls in north San Diego County!

I’m trying to help someone who needs to get to San Diego County (specifically, Chula Vista) very soon. I have found out that the major north-south route to Chula Vista, Interstate 5, is partially a toll road, in the northern part of the county. I don’t know the amount of the toll or the procedures since I don’t drive to the San Diego area. I need information on this matter QUICK.

This is the site you need:


There is no toll on the I-5 through San Diego. There is a toll on the portion of the I-125 from the 54 south. To avoid that, take the 5 or 805 south to the 905 east.

Agreed, there is no toll on I-5 anywhere in San Diego county (or Orange County or LA or anywhere for that matter).

Nitpick: That would be California 125, a state highway. There is no Interstate 125 anywhere in the USA.

Thanks! I understand that there is no toll on the I-405 or the I-805 in San Diego County either. :slight_smile: