Quick insurance question

I’m in the middle of disputing a charge with my insurance provider. I’ve sent them the first appeal, and assuming the deny it, I was thinking of turing it over to the state to see if they can force the company to reverse the decision. My question is, assuming the state can succesfully get the insurance company to reverse the decision. Do I have to worry about any reprecussions? What I’m worried about is that the insurance co, is going to say, fine, here’s you’re money, but we’re dropping you’re coverage?

Of course I’m going to talk to my broker before I go that far, but does anyone else have any expience with this kind of situation.

BTW it’s medical insurance.
They’re denying the claim becuase it’s for something that they specifically don’t cover, but it’s a very neccesary procedure.

Is the insurance through your employer?

I’m no expert, but I do some work for some health insurance associations, and I don’t think health insurers can just drop you for filing a claim like auto or homeowners insurers can. And if the company denies your claim after you appeal, DEFINITELY contact your state insurance department! These evil companies count on people being too lazy or ignorant to know their rights and explore their options.

I would call your state insurance department and ask them ths question if you want to be sure. Good luck!!

I doubt it. My brother-in-law took his insurance company to court and they didn’t drop him. In my state, insurance companies are treated like common carriers: If you meet their underwriting criteria, they must sell you insurance.

But the safe thing to do is to call your state insurance commission and express your concern.