Quick laundering question <with TMI>

Say I had a fight to the death with a random ninja on my bed, and now there is blood all over my nice down comforter … … … okay, I had a really heavy period.

But anyway, it’s linen and goosedown. I don’t have any spot-treatment stuff. What is the best way to proceed?

My approach -

Soak in cold water, then a cold wash for a start. Maybe an additional cold rinse or two.

Dry in a dryer - maybe add a tennis ball or two to help fluff things up, and finish with some time on a cool tumble.

No guarantees, no refunds, but I have done this sort of thing before and the duvets seem to be fine.


Window cleaner is a brilliant for spot removal. Just spray it on, wait about 15 minutes and blot it off. (Note the blotting; don’t rub.)

1 part bicarb soda to 2 parts water also works; as does straight white vinegar.

Whatever you do, make sure the stain is completely gone before applying any heat to it - it’ll make it permanent.

Oh, and glad the ninja didn’t win.

Hydrogen peroxide does wonders on removing blood, though I think it’s a bit of a bleaching agent as well. Try spot-treating with it, dabbing up the resulting bloody foam with a cloth, a bit of cool water dabbed on to dilute the leftover peroxide, and repeat as needed.

Dampen the area and pour salt on top, you’ll see the salt taking on the colour.

Hydrogen peroxide is great, and because it is actually activated by the blood the idea is to wash and spot clean as described and then use the peroxide on anything residual. It is one of the few things that will work on old blood. The free 02 is a general bleach, so do be careful but faded is generally preferable to bloodied anyway.