Quick laundry question

Hopefully I can get this answer soon. It’s okay to dry the lights and darks together, right? I mean, do the colors only bleed during the washing process and not the drying process?

Thanks in advance.

All the dryer can really do is shrink your clothing? For colors to run, water is required.

Ignore the fact that your lint filter may turn out with some weird colors.

Mostly this is safe. However, if you have a real bleed-y piece of clothing, it can bleed color onto light-colored clothes that brush against it while they are still damp. And woe to you if the dryer stops before both are dry and they lie next to each other for awhile.

But if you have something that bleeds color that badly, the thing ought to go in the dumpster anyway. Your average load of darks is just fine being dried with lights.

Appreciate the quick responses. I wanted some assurance before I lumped them together in about 20 minutes.

That’s for new clothes, for older clothes washed before a lot it won’t matter too much.