quick legal question: divorce and property, easier than you probably think

Got divorced in Tennessee in april. everything went smoothly we split the possesions civilly. some of the items that were specified as hers in the divorce paperwork have been left with me at the house, and never picked up. By this point in time, 5 months later, is this stuff mine? I’d love to sell this small vanity and get it out of here but not sure if i can legally.

IANAL… but don’t assume it is abandoned… yet. Document all of the communications you sent about the property and make one last effort to provide your ex-wife, or her lawyer, access to your house so that it can be picked up. Send registered letters etc. If after a month you hear nothing then I think you are within your rights to dispose of it as you see fit. You may want to consult with your lawyer if you are still concerned about it.

thats what i’m worried about. but i have no means of contacting her, no forwarding address or phone number or anything so no communication is availiable… also no lawyer to contact as none were involved.

Is there really no way at all you can get in touch with her–maybe through a third party?

If you can’t communicate with her, I would just put the stuff in the attic and leave it be.

yup. she dissappeared, and her family will have nothing to do with her, nor does she try to talk to the either from what they’ve told me.

Can you get affidavits from her relatives saying they have no idea how to contact her?

Basically, you need proof that you have tried all that was reasonable.

Lost, mislaid, and abandoned property