quick money making schemes via the internet

I see alot of schemes to make money on the internet, but i’ve never trusted any of them - are there really any that are worthwhile? i only ask because im lazy and if i can support myself from this chair ill be set for life…

If they worked then the guys running the scams would be doing it instead of wasting their time telling everybody else how to do it.

They work fine for the scam artists. Not so good for you.

We have a class at the school I work at called Irrational Behavior. Basically the Prof. splits up the class into 10 groups of 4. Each picking another internet scam to try and earn money. Those who got the most money by the end of the semester, won - I guess you could say. Any money procured went towards the program - i.e. the psychology department.

Of course the class is not based upon that part of it, the main body of the class consists of looking at human irrationl behaviour - such as superstitions, fallacies, rituals that kind of thing. It is a 400 level class and over the years it has got some interesting results.

Back to the OP. Some of the campaigns that have raised the most money include, Matthew Leskow’s book on free money from the government. And Don LaPrie’s scam of placing ads in news papers selling things like internet research and writing papers for money. What ever you do, don’t do a google search on Internet Scams…