Quick on the spot recipe advice please

I have sauteed together onions, red and green bell peppers, diced tomatoes. I have sprinkled in some dried basil and dried oregano. I am going to put little slices of “garlic pepper tofu” in at the end, and eat it up.

My question is: If I throw in a six ounce can of tomato paste, will this ruin it or make it good?


Also, is tofu + noodles a good or bad idea because I have some noodles sitting around here as well.


I guess some amounts are in order!

Aboout half a large pepper each on the peppers, about a third of a large onion, and a twelve ounce can of “petite diced” tomatos are what has been involved so far.

Yes, canned tomatos. Its what I have lying around.*


*Though I must say, I find that my salsa is better with canned tomatos than with grocery bought fresh ones.

Skip the tomato paste, schmear the stuff on toasted crusty bread and call it bruschetta.

Heh, nice idea :slight_smile:

I eat something very similar quite often. Toss in the tofu and cook it briefly unless you like your tofu tough and chewy. Don’t put in any tomato paste unless you’re trying to make it into a ‘sloppy joe’ type thing or have it over pasta and even then you’d only put maybe a teaspoon in. Tomato paste can be overpowering and will out-tomato everything else you’ve got there.

I suppose you could have it on noodles. I’d have it with rice or maybe a nuked potato.

Next time, leave out the tomatoes, toss in some mushrooms, and enjoy it all by itself.