Quick Powerpoint help needed

I am making a presentation of pictures I have taken.

The pics themselves look fine, but when I view them in the slideshow, they are cropped or cutoff or something. What I want in the slideshow is the entire pic.

HELP!!! Time is of the essence!!

Thank you all!

Can you be more specific about how they are cropped? Do they fill the page, with some of the picture missing? Or are they the size you want, but cropped?

When you paste one of the pictures into the slide, are any part of it missing? If yes, did you try shrinking its size (right click, format object, and resize)? If no, what do you mean it’s cropped or cutoff?

Another possible example of this problem (no, you’re not crazy, newcrasher.) I scanned in a document, pasted it into Word, burned a CD, and gave it to my wife. On her computer (Word 97) it was cropped on the right. On mine (Word 2003) it was fine. Yes - I reread the CD.

What version of PPT are you using?

I don’t have the answer, but maybe this will help.