Quick question about Psych and Sons of Anarchy

These are such minor questions I’m just going to put them in one thread.

The first one is easy. In Psych, does Shawn’s dad have the same ‘gift’ or did he notice it in Shawn and use his own education in detective work to help him use it better?

I’m going to spoil this just for anyone that hasn’t seen it…
In Sons Of Anarchy, somewhere around the middle of season 1 Jax kills the DEA agent that’s stalking Tara
Was that his first time. They sort of implied it and it seemed to have an emotional impact on him, but they never really came out and said it.

For the record, I’m still in S1 of SOA and the middle of S2 of Psych (not that it matters being a Case of the Week type show) so I’m not looking to talk about anything beyond that.

He’s, good, but not as good as Shawn. When he is shown in the pilot quizzing Shawn, Shawn out does him by indicating one person had left the bar while his eyes were closed.

He seems to out do his dad a lot, if his dad also has the same ‘gift’ I always chalked that up to Shawn being in his prime and dad…not so much anymore.

Nah. Henry is very talented as an observer of stuff, but Shawn has some kind of genius going on in that department.

I think Henry coached Shawn in observation/detection when he was a kid because he thought it was interesting and useful. He would have taught any kid of his about that stuff, but given Shawn’s immense talents, he did so more intensively.

Regarding SOA, I don’t think so. I think that was a big impact on him because it had to do with Tara, but it’s my understanding that in a motorcycle club like Samcro it wouldn’t be unusual for all of them to have done some amount of “that sort of thing,” haha.

But I could be wrong. If you love Sons, you might be interested in Sutter’s blog, I think it’s www.sutterink.com.

Something had happened just before that scene though that made me wonder. IIRC, Clay asked Jax if he could pull the trigger if he needed to (WRT a different kill), Jax said that he could and not to worry about him. I couldn’t tell if it was because it would be his first time or because it was going to be his first time after becoming a dad (priorities shifting and all that).

Oh yeah, awesome Sons promo…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzfALKwIzCA&feature=player_embedded

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen season one, but are you sure you aren’t thinking of Clay asking Opie if he could pull the trigger? Remember how Ope had just gotten out of prison and he and Bobby went to “take care” of some dude and Opie choked? That’s what I remember about that scenario.

But you could definitely be right with regard to Jax and that particular incident. I need to go back and see if I can find that episode. Thinking about it, if Jax’s priorites were shifting to that degree, there’s no way he could have continued to be a member of Samcro. I mean, violence is just part of that world and he couldn’t be VP if he was too “pussy” to pull the trigger.

That was right around the same time, might have even been the situation and been the reason for making Jax the lookout/getaway. They also wanted Opie to pull the trigger as a way of making him a full member as opposed to being a part timer. I think, possibly, Clay wanted Bobbie to go up with Opie in case anything went wrong because he was worried that Jax might choke as well. That’s why I was wondering if that guy might have been his first kill, which is why I’m wondering if the DEA agent was his first. And like I said, he was very emotional about it afterwords.

Also, for a bit of trivia, the Mayan leader, Alverez, his son was played by Jesus from True Blood. Took me a minute to figure out why I recognized him.

Also, FTR (and I’m going to spoil this for anyone that has watched the show and is planning to), I’m only as far as Donna getting killed by Tig
So at the moment, I don’t want this to discuss anything that happens after that.

Henry trained shawn’s observation skills everything was a test - he buried the easter eggs and shawn still can’t find one of them -

What makes you think Opie wasn’t a full member prior to that? He was, and had just served a prison sentence for crimes associated with Samcro. It’s my understanding that Jax and Opie are in the same “class” with regard to club membership, both having father’s in the club (John Teller/Clay for Jax and Piney for Ope) and growing up with it as a part of their lives as long as they could remember.

I get where your theories about that being Jax’s first come from, but I don’t think they’re accurate wrt Samcro folklore.

By ‘full member’ I mean he’s constantly making references to being ‘half in and half out.’ A tug of war between the MC and Donna. He’s constantly trying to be legit for her sake but the MC is the only way he can make enough money to keep up with the bills. He knows Donna will leave if he stays with the club and he’s always sneaking around like a closet smoker, but OTOH, he’s always saying the MC is in his blood, it’s who he is, he just can’t get away. That’s what I mean by not being a full member. Clay asking Opie to pull the trigger on that hit came right after Opie told Jax and Clay that he finally decided he made up his mind, he only wanted to do the MC and Donna could either deal with it or take off because he was done with the tug of war (or something to that extent).
It’s wrapped itself up conveniently since she’s, well, you know what happened to her and her mom had just mentioned how much she enjoyed hanging out with the kids so I assume she’ll take them (Opie had just asked Tig if it’s hard only seeing his kids once or twice a year…that happened right before the Donna thing.).
Anyways, I’m halfway through the S1 finale as I’m writing this, so I guess I’ll see what happens.

Between Shawn and his dad, I think Shawn is more accomplished as an observer. But it occurred to me that Shawn was trained in it, starting at a young age, and so his dad shaped him into the observant creature he is. But I think it’s safe to assume that Shawn’s grandfather probably didn’t do the same thing to Henry, so Henry naturally picked up these gifts. Of course, maybe there’s a familial tendency to be good at detective work, and certainly they are both extremely intelligent.

Which is the more impressive accomplishment?

Henry is the master - Shawn the student, not so much because of the skill, but the discipline and the other training/experience that goes with it.

Shawn’s skill far surpasses Henry’s - but he lacks the nuance that a seasoned investigator like Henry has.

I like that the hat test comes from series creator Steve Franks’ own childhood of being raised to be a cop.