Quick question...

How do I shrink the font size in my posts? I’ve been reading Louie’s tutorials, but I can’t seem to find it. Did I miss it somewhere in there?

Do you mean overall for the whole post or just a certain part like one or two words?

[sub]Like this?[/sub] You can use either [sub][/sub] or [sup][/sup].

Jesus on a cross…

{sub}{/sub} or {sup}{/sup} with instead of {}.

Louie’s tutorial was for the old system, and doesn’t apply with HTML turned off.
The closest substitute now is this thread, but it’s in need of major condensation. Neither Louie nor Show_Biz have expressed interest in that effor however, and the board techs are always oversubscribed.

That’s a hint to any programmers or editors out there.:smiley:

** Don’t forget the link. Here’s how to post one, Part Next**

It also shows how to do comments like Silver Fire’s without the curly brackets.

[b**][sub**]Any text[/sub**][/b**] turns into [sub]Any text[/sub]
[i**][sup**]Any text[/sup**][/i**] turns into [sup]Any text[/sup]

Like this?

[sub]If this is small, I did it right![/sub]

[sub]By George, I think she’s got it![/sub]