Quick recipes using same base ingredients

So, um, I’m finding myself getting bored of the couple of staple foods I eat and want to find more variety. Right now my meals are some form of sammich or pasta, usually. There’s three things that are important to me:

  1. Quick to make. I hate hate hate cooking and try to find the quickest time from fridge to gullet. :wink:

  2. Reusable ingredients. I’m single and go grocery shopping once a week. If I buy something for one dish, I’ll make that dish and forget about the ingredients and then they spoil. Whooops.

  3. Caaaarbs. I love carbs. Chances are, I will not eat a pure stir fry. But saying ‘these two vegetables are always great with any pasta dish’ will intrigue me.

Bonus: Sauces/seasonings. I come from a Wonder Bread household. I lean more towards Eastern European than East Indian though.