Quick! Tysons Corner!

Is it a suburb? A mall? A town? What is it?


uhhh…(thinks fast)

The place where Mike would get wiped down and fixed up before heading back into the ring to bite off chunks of an opponents aural appendage?

Tyson’s Corner is a section of Fairfax County that is both in the towns of Vienna and McLean and probably a few more.

The main thing about Tyson’s is the two malls that are located there - Tyson’s 1 and Tyson’s 2. But they are both located in the city of McLean. Basically, it’s like an unofficial neighborhood.


Oops – sorry, Neurotik, that obviously wasn’t directed at you.

I need a crossword clue for TYSONS. Instead of doing “Cecily and Mike,” I want to do “__ Corner (D.C. ???)”

What goes in the spot with the ??? – or should I just say “__ Corner, Virgnia”?

Or you could use “Mike and Cecily.”

Ya know, I get the feeling y’all aren’t completely sympathetic to my plight. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s “_____ Corner, VA”

how about, “The chickens are his?”

yeah, kind of awkward.

I don’t think Neurotik is quite right. Vienna is an actual incorporated town. McLean isn’t. Other towns/cities in Fairfax County include Falls Church (city), Herndon (town), Fairfax (city) and the tiny town of Clifton. Others nearby are Manassas (city) and Leesburg (town).

There are other areas in Northern Virginia that aren’t actual incorporated towns or cities, but could be considered unincorporated towns. Tyson’s Corner is one such area. The Tyson’s area is between Vienna and McLean. For example, the Tyson’s Corner mall’s mailing address is McLean. Across the street (Rt. 7) the businesses have addresses of Vienna.

Virginia has an unusual town/city system: here is a site listing their towns and cities http://www.vipnet.org/cmsportal/localgov_old.htm

Thanks, nyctea – that was very helpful. Unlike some people’s contributions.

I think I’ll keep it simple: __ Corner, Virgnia.

Merci, all!


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So what else can I help with?

Tyson’s? You mean you need some help with chicken? You can bake it, broil it, grill it, fry it. Chicken is so versatile twicks. Geez ya’d think somebody who makes her living makin’ up puzzles and stuff would know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Silly me-I thought you had a friend flying in to Dulles. :smack:

[/petulant whine] That’s right, thank** nyctea ** and not me! I’m the one who said “____ Corner, VA”! VA = Virginia, y’know! [/petulant whine]

It’s where you can find Brooks Brothers, good coffee, and good cigars before you head over to a friend’s house on a nippy fall afternoon to sit in front of a fireplace and watch the Redskins game.

Kind of makes me homesick

I have heard it called an ‘exurb’ and a ‘new city.’ Since I generally oppose coining new words without much deliberation, let’s go with new city.

Sheesh, what a bunch of babies y’all are! I thanked nyctea for the link – you, Trouts my darling, have the satisfaction of knowing that a crossword clue you wrote will appear in the last puzzle of the December issue of Superb Crosswords Double Issue – just in time for your Christmas giving!

And dances – no one in their right mind flies to Dulles. :stuck_out_tongue: