Quick Web Service question

I am VERY new to Web Services.

With VS 10, I created a WCF Service that has a GetData function (this is default code that comes in the .svc file, not something I wrote). The wsdl looks like this - <wsdl: operation name = “GetData”>

In the .svc file, the GetData function just returns the info to you. If you enter 99, it returns “You entered 99” (I’ve tested this with VS debug).
I’m trying to figure out the url to hit this function and return the data. I thought it would be something like this -


But no worky.

Your question might be pretty specific for this message board, I would recommend poking around on Stack Overflow. Here’s something on SO along your lines:

I haven’t written a web service, but I’ve written programs that integrate with them. Take the recommendation to download SoapUI to heart - I have found the tool indispensable for this type of work.