Quick, what do you call that one cognitive bias...?

The one where you either first learn about something or just are exposed to it, and then you feel like you see references to it everywhere? There may be a scientific name for it, but I’m also looking for a more colloquial name. Not sure how popular the latter is, but I was linked to a blog post about it several months back where somebody gave it a name based on a particular (movie, maybe?) that he had experienced the phenomenon with, and it was cute and I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it and it’s BOTHERING ME so help plzkthx :stuck_out_tongue:

Confirmation bias is the general term, but I’m not aware of one specifically about things you’ve just become aware of.

Confirmation bias has nothing to do with the description the original post gave.


You may be thinking of Baader-Meinhof. There was a 2008 film with a similar name - but it’s unrelated.

Reading around the 'net a bit, it would appear that synchronicity, as Implicit suggests, is a more widely-accepted term.

Thanks for asking this question - I keep meaning to (and then forgetting) look up what this is called.

Ach. Double post.

Availability bias perhaps?

Primacy effect

Recency effect

I don’t know if this is the colloquialism you had in mind, but in one of Cecil’s columns (“Can some people extinguish streetlamps by means of their bodily emanations?”), a reader stated it as “The van is always on the corner”.

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