Quick, what's your phobia?

-Heights. Especially single engine airplanes flying over the ocean.

-Flying over the ocean.

-Flying insects that sting, namely wasps and hornets. Spotting a wasp within ten feet of my tanning position in the backyard can ruin a whole day of tan.

Doesn’t really fit here…but I am affraid of never getting married!

I have a bunch of them…
I have a fear of accidently eating bugs so much so that I tend to order simple dishes when I eat out, so I can look for bugs, and most of the food in my pantry is sealed in Ziplock bags.
I also keep a lot of things in the fridge that you’re not supposed to, like coffee and sugar, but it makes me feel safe. I also never just dump dry pasta into boiling water, I have to check for bugs.
Once, I was eating Chinese Food and I found a little green inchworm in my veggie stir fry. Bleh.

I have a fear of getting lost in an underground cave or the Catacombs of Paris. I’ll probably never go to Paris, and I don’t see myself exploring caves anytime soon.

I also watch way too much Discovery Channel, so I’m starting to have a real fear of tsunami and other natural disasters. Just this weekend I saw a program about how if a certain volcano in the Canary Islands erupts and falls into the ocean, a giant tidal wave will destroy the whole East Coast. I’d move West, but there is a ‘supervolcano’ under Yellowstone National Park that could one day expolde and demolish the entire midsection of the US.

-the ocean
-i’m a big wuss

I fear very cold water such as that which I must cross a couple times a winter on a small ferry (the ice chunks in the water REALLY get to me.

I also dislike high bridges. I mean really high bridges, especially when the boundries of the bridge do not have especially high walls. And consequently my fear of very tall bridges complements my fear of cold water, since most tall bridges are over water (although a tall bridge over land is just as scary).

Tunnels under water, no matter what the temperature of the water, never have seemed to bother me. The tunnel under Baltimore has never bothered me.

Well, Arken, if you ever saw me screaming and stomping uncontrollably and then sleeping in another room for a week just because I found a centipede in my house, would you call it a phobia then?

'Cause I’m pretty sure it is… :slight_smile:

(I used to be OK with centipedes, really. It took years to get over my fear, but I managed to the point of actually taking a Kleenex and trying to smash one in the bathroom one day, after which the little bugger took advantage of the confusion to CRAWL UP MY ARM. That did it for me.)

spiders… <<<<shudder>>>>

I am very very afraid of getting a papercut on my eyeball.

Perhaps you were on the Titanic in a past life? :wink:

For me-snakes-even pictures of snakes. I can’t even think about them for very long, or I get freaked. Seriously.

High, unsteady places-I don’t mind heights in general-I’ll ride rollar coasters and that, but like, I hate choir lofts-the one time I came to Mass late and had to sit up in the choir loft. It was horrible, I could FEEL the vibrations from the organ in the bleachers they had up there. And sitting in bleachers as well.

I can’t be out on a boat if I can’t see land. I freak out. Perhaps I have to know which way to swim. I dunno.

I tell people “I don’t have a fear of heights, but depths terrify me”.

Weird eh ?

Ouch! The very thought of that makes me cringe.

No matter how unlikely.

Crayfish, aka “crawdads.” I hate hate HATE the many legged little demons. What bothers me the most are the little, fin-like bits that sweep back and forth under the tail.

I think it traces back to several years ago, when we were opening up our pool at the beginning of the summer. It had gotten somewhat lagoon-like, and as we were pulling off the leaf cover literally hundreds of crayfish in varying stages of growth went pouring across the deck like a slippery, brown, tidal wave. Except with pinchers. Ick.


I’m going all shivery just think about this, oooh and moths and cockroaches.

For some reason when I see any of these I imagine biting into them, and can feel the texture of chalk/moth/cockroach as I crunch down.
ewwwww… I feel ill

Let me just rephrase this a bit:


Dental work, dental tests, anything having to do with teeth!
Oh yeah, and I live in mortal terror of insects, too. Everything but houseflies. (Somewhat.)

Don’t let this become a hijack. Please, let’s just have one or two persons answer the question and then we can all move on:

By fear of eternity, do you mean the fear of eternal nothingness, or a fear of eternity in an afterlife?

yeah, i dont know how people can do that, its so disgusting
(not tattoos, cuz ihave one, just the wrist thing)


its nice to know im not the only one with this phobia