Quick, Worf, the Plant People are attacking! Use the Floral Disruptor!

I was looking through the 2012 Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) listings, and found a request for a Floral Disruptor:

They seem to be looking for a Laser Weed Whacker, but I guess “Floral Disruptor” sounds way cooler and more Star Trek-y.
Other people have noticed the – well – florid language:


Some years ago I was at WorldCon in Chicago. During the costume contest/display there were a couple of folks who portrayed Klingons from the “Mirror/Mirror” universe. So, if Federation folks on the other side are nasty, what would the Klingons be like?

They were part of the crew of the Imperial Floral Ship Dimples, and their outfits, while standard Klingon in cut and design, were pink and purple.

“Set phasers on defoliate!”

Is it too late to trademark “Chloroblast-er”

For you non sciency types its in reference to chloroplasts, the organelle in plants that derives energy from sunlight.