Quickest, cheapest way to mail a DVD from Texas to Nova Scotia?

So I have to mail a DVD to a friend “up north.” I checked UPS and FedEx, and their 1-3 day rates are around $60!

Is there a more economical way to quickly send a small lightweight package? I’ve been told to avoid USPS and Canada Post…

USPS First Class Mail Int’l will cost you about $2. I guess if you want to avoid USPS you’ll have to shell out the rates UPS and FedEx quote, no?

Heck, if it’s not a commercial DVD, you could always just send it over the Internet … assuming you both have broadband connections, that is.

I can’t believe that FedEx wants $60 to send a DVD to Canada in 3 days.

You asked FedEx to deliver the next day. Go to the website and enter your postal codes and choose Fed Ex Ground.

There is no reason to avoid the USPS. I sell on eBay and ship to Canada all the time. As stated, USPS first class mail international is the way to go, up to 4 pounds, very reasonable rates and delivery in 3 to 5 days. You will have to put the DVD in a box big enough for the address label, postage sticker and a 3x5 customs declaration.

Media mail via the post office is going to be your cheapest method for sending a DVD. But I don’t know if it can be used to Canada.

My only disagreement is with delivery time. I send things to Canada fairly often, and 3 - 5 days is the exception, not the rule. IME 7 - 10 days is more common, with a range of up to 3 weeks being common.

On the other hand, mail between the US and UK is usually quicker than US to Canada. Three to five days is the norm for mail between the US and UK. :confused:

I’ve mailed (USPS) DVDs to Canada using only a sleeve and a photo mailer. No customs declaration, and it usually arrived in about a week.

I think media mail can only be used within the United States.

However, I’d agree with those who suggest using USPS. Just wrap it well, with a layer of cardboard all the way round, and wrap with enough sticky tape to enable it to survive being dropped on the floor from several metres, then having several large post office employees walk on it.

You might try this site: ShipGooder

Thanks for the ideas. I decided to go with USPS Global Express. They partner with FedEx and promise delivery in 1-3 days. My grandfather is gravely ill and we wanted to send a DVD of the baby to keep him in good spirits, hence the need for speed.

I actually quite like USPS. It’s just that for some reason, when they interact with Canada Post, things get very slow. Global Express was under $30 - and to top it off I found $10 on the ground in front of the post office!

Little Nemo, that site is very cool… I thought that there must be something like that out there!

Last time I was at the post office, I was told that the ‘media/book’ rate had been completely done away with and was no longer available.


I use Media Mail all the time!

I ship my Amazon Marketplace sales that way!

When were you told this?

Report those duds to USPS, ASAP!

Maybe it’s just on international mail? I was doing international mail at the time.

Media mail is very slow, the OP said they needed it quickly.

USPS is going to be your cheapest way, I don’t know if Priority Mail goes to Canada but it’s about $4.60 to US addresses regardless of weight, and takes 2-3 days, to US addresses. Just call your local post office and ask about the cheapest/fastest way to ship to Canada.

I’ll second that, I get a fair few CDs and DVDs from Canada (and the US). Postage is usually around $3.50 and delivery times 4-5 days.

Re: Fedex. They want €50 to deliver a TICKET for a concert from Paris to me in northern England. Normal postage cost for such an item is €3.00! Bloody robbers.