Quickie query for Old Testament Trekkies:

In your opinion, what would the child of a mixed race Cheron look like? I’ve been debating this with a co-worker; I favor overall gray, but she says stripes, so I’m curious what other opinions are.

That should read, “what would a biracial Cheron look like?” (and Old Testament is in reference to the Shatnerian episodes as opposed to the New Testament (ST:TNG), the Movies, and the Apocrypha (comic books, animated series).


Most plausibly, the offspring would resemble one of the parents, but would still carry recessive genes from the other. So even if said Cheron then mated with another of the same outward appearance, their child might be of the opposite appearance.

Know a biracial kid who calls himself a “swirly” (cf. choc/vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone).

Well, a swirly biracial Cheron might look ugly, but who’s to say it can’t happen?

(Just one more reason to discourage them from dating).

Plausibly, Chronos? This is a species that is midnight black on one side and pasty white on the other.

I think they would turn out orange.

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I think if Fierefiz can come out splotchy from a white & black coupling, it’s just as plausible that the Cheron child would be even splotchier. On the other hand, here’s a thought : They have different genes controlling color on each half of the body. Black (or white) is dominant, meaning the child would be all black.

Depends on which is the mom and which is the dad.

If the mom is white on the right, dad white on left, the kid is all white.

If the mom is white on left, dad white on right, the kid is all black.

They get their right half from the mom, the left half from the dad.

I was thinking he’d look like a cow…

What’s black and white and dead all over?


This is the first time I’ve heard of different incarnations of Star Trek refered to as Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrypha, etc. I am going to start using this terminology in all future discussions on the subject.

I love it!

Back to the OP, I agree with Chronos.

I think they’d look like Bosco.

I’m picturing a mottled look… splotchy, uneven skin color, with maybe some grey areas.

And I like the “old testament” reference too. :slight_smile:

Oooh, scary thought:

What if they looked like Michael Jackson?

How about a barber pole effect?

They are dark gray on the left side and light gray on the right side. We are dark gray on the right side and light grey on the left side!”

Shades of Gray