Quicktime clash of the titans: Encyclopædia Britannica vs. AOL

So I bought the Encyclopædia Britannica 2003 Deluxe Edition CD-ROM. Its installer comes equipped with Quicktime 5.0 installer, just in case you haven’t got Quicktime installed already. Oh, how convenient of them! NOT.

Quicktime has already updated several versions beyond 5.0, I forget which version I already had, but it was the latest, just upgraded the other week. I also upgraded to AOL 9.0 last week.

OK, so I can’t run the Britannica after installation. It insists on running with Quicktime 5, and throws a snit at being asked to work with any later version (it won’t run at all. Kicks you right out). It tells me to install Quicktime 5, but when I try to do that, it refuses because I already have the later version. AARRGHGH

So I uninstall Quicktime (had to uninstall it twice, oddly), and uninstall the Britannica,and reboot. I reinstall Britannica with the old Quicktime 5. Now it runs!

But AOL wants the latest Quicktime version. Every time I start AOL, it tries to install the new Quicktime. I have to intervene and stop it each time I start up AOL. I know that if I allow it to proceed, it will block the Britannica from running.

I hope that once everybody gets the (deservedly) vile abuse of Quicktime and AOL out of their systems, someone may have a solution to the conflict. Any way to persuade the Britannica software to accept the latest version of Quicktime? Maybe download a Britannica update?

I’d try the Britannica update route first.