Quidditch on college campuses

Pretty amazing that it’s taken hold like this: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1107/quidditch.college.campus/content.1.html

Is it sad that I’m wondering through all those pics how the snitch works?

OK, other than the ridiculousness of running with a piece of wood between your legs, I think the inherent problem with Quidditch is that it’s a ridiculous game with ridiculous rules that’s been hashed out already in about a billion threads.

Oh, and I’m idlly wondering how many of these players would beat up any LARPers they saw on their way back to the dorms.

So, is that dude in the yellow shirt and yellow shorts the snitch? He doesn’t have a broom.

I think College Kids like to play silly games in general. When I was an undergraduate my floormates often partook of a rousing game of Freeze Tag. Or was it Vampire Freeze Tag. Something silly though presumably fun. And these particular college kids grew up reading Harry Potter.

Of course Wiki has an article!: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle_quidditch

Ball State has a Quiddich team and I’m considering pretty seriously about joining it. Seems like a good run and if nothing else seems like an interesting story to tell.

If this thread is alive or if anyone has any interest I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it is.

I see those guys on campus sometime. They are squares

You’re majoring in Latin and watch laser disks. You greatest aspiration is to be that cool.


Ask the Snitch?

I would probably agree…which makes me want to join all the more…and here’s why.

I am by no means an athlete, but I am fairly athletic. I can run fast, I’m lanky, and competitive as all hell so I feel that if I am on a Quiddich team I can friggin dominate.

I’ll throw the quaffle around and score more goals than ever, I’ll bludger the opposing team to death, or I’ll be the best damn goalkeeper the Quiddich league has ever seen.

Again…we will see.

Spelling nitpick: It’s “Quidditch.”

Those are the most homoerotic and phallic photos I’ve ever seen. They look more like they were taken for The Onion.

Yeah, I bet the college Quidditch-playing set is stomping all kinds of ass on campus.

Is that Latin for ‘phallic’? I foresee a tragicomic incident when somebody bends over to pick up their pocket pack of sharpies. “One in a million, Doc!”