Quilting Question

Hi Everyone!

I’m asking this question about a quilting technique for a close friend of mine, and I apologise if the seems a bit technical or obscure.

Her quilting question is:

“How do you attach a completed yo-yo block (5 x 5 yo-yo) to a backing?”


I think mostly you don’t.

I have seen yo yo blankets with no backing mostly; I have seen yo yos incorporated into quilts, mostly in rows; and I have seen blocks of them stitched onto completed (that is, already backed and bound) quilts.

Help me, what does she want to do with it on a backing?

I’ve seen them done a couple ways…if the backing is going to be the only other layer, like for a lightweight throw, you tack all your yoyos together at the edges to make your yoyo layer, and then use yarn or floss to tack them through their centers to the underlayer. You don’t have to tack every one…it’s like tying a quilt instead of quilting…you do every third or fifth and alternate from row to row to make a symmetrical pattern of ties. There are several good books out on YoYo quilts that your friend can find at the library or a quilt shop that give more detailed ideas.

I completely missed the fact that this is a single 5x5 inch block. Depending on what she’s going to do with it after, I would probably just tack it in place, through the centers of the yo-yo’s, without catching the gathered-up portion.