Quirky Japan

i’ve always wanted to visit Japan. Having found this page, I want to go even more. Free tissues with advertisements for sex services?


Porno tissue packs are a gift from the gods, I swear it! You need them because not all public bathrooms have toilet paper.

Seriously - I just vacationed in Japan with my 60 year old mom and dad. They would chase these people down for the porno tissue. Good times, good times…

I lived there for two years. Every first time visitor (like me) for the first few months are always exclaiming about all the wierd things in Japan. When you have been there a few months you get used to it and just say “This is Japan”.

Yeah, I visited for two weeks last year and noticed the weirdness. The tissue thing is kind of odd, they were giving them away almost everywhere but it worked out for me since I had a bad cold the whole time anyway.