Quit it with the small font, you bastard young'ns.

I’m 44. I just had my eyes examined last month, and I have the same prescription I had when I first got glasses at 14 (and slightly better than when I was 24) with one minor exception: I am no longer astigmatic.

A board I frequent actually lost size=0 during a software upgrade, and I miss it horribly. I used it more than any of them whippersnappers. Also thanks to a free tone generator linked in a thread on that board, I learned I can still hear past 20Khz, with just a few dropout frequencies. I have all my teeth and have had one cavity in my life.

I was also bedridden for almost a decade (starting in my last year of med school) with a bizarre inflammatory condition no doc could diagnose but no layman could miss.

I’m all better now, but Karma is a bitch, and it doesn’t always work as our fantasies insist it should.

[sup]How’s this for a small font?[/sup]

Can you hear this: http://graphics.nytimes.com/packages/audio/nyregion/20060610_RINGTONE.mp3
My high school students can, and were pretty annoyed by it. At 36 and always using toilet paper earplugs at concerts, I can hear it a bit. The 45-year old teacher next door couldn’t hear it at all.

ludovic that is bloody hilarious!

I had to start wearing glasses by around forth or fifth grade. By seventh grade I had thick coke bottle glasses, mostly I think, because of astigmatism. At my worst, I think it was around 20/500.

Around 1995 I had RK and got 20/20 vision. Now, about ten years later, I’m losing my vision again. Dammit!

My brother is prone to strange illnesses, and they seem to follow seven or nine year patterns. Around six years ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma and given maybe six months to live. After test after test by some of the best doctors around, it wasn’t lymphoma, they had no idea what it was and actually decided to document it as Lev’s Brother’s Disease. Very strange. He got better too. Glad you’re better.

Suck it up and if you really have to find out what was written pretend you are going to reply and read the post full size. That’s what I did with this one.

Just as with a lot of cell phone conversations, you find in many cases that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

shakes fist

Damn you kids! Get off MY LAWN!

…and I’m keeping this ball.

[sub]Monkeys are funny.[/sub]


In the interest of Fighting Ignorance, let me mention that if you use the Firefox browser, and hold down the control key on your keyboard, you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the size of the fonts.

In the interest of Ignorance fighting back, :wink:

I use a Mac so I don’t have a mousewheel, though I know I could get one from Circuit City if I really wanted to.

I’ve tried Firefox and didn’t like it. It’s not very user-friendly with this site.

Using Safari as my browser, there are two very convenient buttons right at the top of the browser’s window. One makes text smaller, the other makes text bigger.

Thing is, if I hit the “make text bigger” button, it rewraps all the text on the page so I have to re-scroll back to where I was, just to read a teensy tiny snarky comment.

I figure fine print is for lawyers.