quitting smoking

I’m sure this has been asked before: give me the links

But what has worked for the Dopers?

I’m thinking cold turkey, but those urges do arise.

What worked for me was Sunflower Seeds. Of course, now I’m hooked on salt and will probably die sooner of hardened arteries than I would have of lung disease, but there you are…

more people quit cold turkey than with gum or patches or nicotine inhalers. But the average smoker manages to quit by their third attempt, whatever methods they use. So don’t give up!

Yeah, you just have to find what works for you. If cold turkey doesn’t then you should really see a doctor about it. My ex-wife finally managed to quit after getting some prescription pills after trying 3 times over a seven year period of going cold turkey.

What, Zyban?

How about trying Allan Carr’s Easy way to give up smoking. My sister read it cover to cover and is now no longer smoking - it’s supposedly a type of brainwashing?! I bought it for my b/f and have only managed to read the first 3 pages but it also gives the friends of the smoker ideas on how to help and it doesn’t cost much!!

May 23, 1993

The only way I was able to quit my pack a day habit was to give up smoking one day, one minute, or whatever increment of time was driving me nutty. The only thing that helped me get over the oral need to have a cigarette was spicy hot food. My favorite salsa recipe was developed during those hard times. I am thankful everyday for being a non-smoker (read ex-smoker). I never thought that I could stop smoking. You will never regret an unsmoked cigarette. Good Luck.

PS, I ran 3 miles today without gasping for breath!:slight_smile:

Five weeks and two days as of now and it was cold turkey method with the assistance of Altoids Tangerine lozenges and sugar free chewing gum.

After two weeks I couldn’t stand being around smokers so the social impetus to smoke was gone pretty quickly. I still would love a smoke, but i refust to be a slave to anything other than internet pornography.

It’s been about a year now for me.

Lots of things helped me break my sixteen year nicotine habit, but the two most valuable were Zyban and lots and lots of exercise.

Good luck!

This seems to be a sort of survey, so I’ll send it over to IMHO.

Cold turkey. But, you have to really want to quit. The first week sucks, but it gets better. Good luck to you, it’s worse than heroin to quit, so they say, and I’ll agree, having experienced both.


Please don’t say things like that. You’re scaring me!
I’ve been smoking for about 47 years and never tried to stop.

I have pretty much decided to try to give it a went after I finish this carton- six packs left.

What I want to know is, do you become a screaming jerk after stopping? Is it like constant PMS?
I’m starting to feel pissy just thinking about it.

I used Zyban pills and Nicorette gum. I couldn’t/didn’t chew as much of the gum as suggested by the instructions, but the four to five “chews” per day really helped at first. I’m off the pills and gum for nine months now, and the cigs for nearly a year.
No matter the method, as superbee said, you will have to really want to quit for it to work for you.

I used Allen Carr’s “Easyway to stop smoking”.

I had three or four minor twinges, found it incredibly easy, and haven’t had a craving since day four of quitting, approx. a year and a half ago.

My husband is on day 6 of quitting (he used this book, too) and is going strong. We just ordered a DSL modem, as his reward :slight_smile:

As far as cost goes, the only thing cheaper than this book is cold turkey. If you’ve tried cold turkey, it hasn’t worked, and not much has changed in your views on smoking, give the book a go. If it doesn’t work, there are always the more expensive options, (gum, patches, Zyban, Wellbutrin, etc…) but I swear by the book.

spooje’s method:

Cold Turkey
Eat Everything
Whine Incessantly
Exercise Frequently

Worked well.

Here is a good site for support and information from other quitters.


No actually, you become much nicer, because you are happy with who you are. You feel better, you smell better, and you can taste snapple again.

Best way to do it is when you wake up, dont have that first cig. It helps a lil bit because you haven’t had nicotine in 10 or so hours, so thats half a day right there. Once you go two weeks, that shit is out of your system and you are home free.

Good luck!

Here is a link to a discussion here several months ago.


Some good ideas.

9 years, 28 days since my last smoke.

I got married to the lovely and charming Mrs. Oak, who HATED the smell of cigarette smoke. I snuck smokes while at work when we were dating, but realized that I’d need to quit completely when we got married.

So, I quit cold turkey when we got married. Frankly, it was an easy decision: the lovely and sexy Mrs. Oak, or yellow teeth, smelly breath, and burn holes in everything.

Of course, our honeymoon in Antigua did a REALLY good job at keeping my mind off the smokes for the first couple of weeks :smiley:

Take it day by day, and good luck!

If anyone’s considering Zyban, note that it and Wellbutrin are the same thing. Many insurance companies won’t cover Zyban (although why, I don’t know…you’d think they’d want their members to remain as healthy as possible), but they will cover Wellbutrin. A GP I talked to told me that he generally prescribes Wellbutrin instead of Zyban for this very reason.