Quorthon (black metal musician) dead at 39

From blabbermouth.net:

Hmm, never got to start one of these obscure-person-who-no-one-else-has-heard-of type Cafe Society threads before. Feels weird.

Off to Valhalla…

It’s a sad day for the extreme metal world.

I’ve been trying to come up with an analogy for all the non-metal folks who might read this, as to what exactly Quorthon’s contributions to metal were. The closest I can think of is Joe Strummer’s contributions to punk–he really was that influential.

What albums came after Hammerheart?

Look here.

I always figured Bathory was one of those “legendary” bands that was suprememly influential but no one had ever listened to. Kind of like the gods from the mists of time.

Strummer’s a good analogy though.