Quote on endless re-organization

My government contact person told me today that a goverment group we work with has changed its name


. I’d thought she’d appreciate the quote from a famous Roman about his time in the army. There were endless drills and constant re-organizations, giving the appearance of accomplishing something but really getting nothing done.

My google-fu and wiki-fu are failing me today. I can’t find the quote, and I can’t remember to whom it was attributed.

If anyone has the quote, or something similar, please post it.

(Mods, please move this as you see fit. It seems pretty mundane and pointless to me … )

This is probably the quote to which you allude, but if you must use it, please attribute it to the forgotten Mr. Ogburn!

Thank you, Freddy, that’s the one I was thinking of. I should have remembered Petronius, since I had a cat named after him. I now have the correct attribution of the quote, and will share it. Ignorance fought!! Thanks again!