“Once that camera is off, he’s gonna fuck that little dog.”

  • Old ladie clown, ‘Shakes the Clown’

Sorry, meant to put this in the movie quotes topic!

Misplaced or not, that’s awesome. I just re-rented Shakes last weekend. It never fails to crack me up.

  • “You just hate us 'cause we’re artists.”
  • “Ah, fuck you, get out this box.” {whap - whap}

You know, I’d never even heard of that movie until I came to this board, now it seems to be everywhere. One of these days, I suppose I’ll have to see it. 'Til then:

-“Hey, you fucked up. You trusted us.”

S’o.k., just repost it in the right thread, and I’ll lock this one off. No harm, no fowl. :wink: